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We Had A Good Time Bon Temps! Bello Mag True Love For True Blood


Et voilà, c'est fini!

We had such a good time in Bon Temps. I mean as viewers. The actual people of Bon Temps, not so much. A lot have been killed, plenty were turned, many met true death and too many were left without their loved ones ... but all that gave us 7 years of True Blood. Some seasons may have been better, there were some ups and downs, we might have loved some characters more than others ... one thing is for sure, True Blood is a Pop Culture phenomenon series to remember.

Personally it was the first series we could actually watch 'live' from the US as True Blood premiered the month we moved to Los Angeles back in 2008. Before that we were living in Paris (I know you don't actually feel bad for us) but we could only have a distant look on what was hot on tv in America. I remember how frustrating it was for us poor French citizens to wait for the episodes of Sex And The City or Six Feet Under (my husband always refused to download anything illegaly like EVER). So yes True Blood turned us as soon as we stepped out of that Air France plane.

All along True Blood was some sort of an allegory for LGBTQ rights and campaigning for equal rights - Tiny Spoiler Alert - this final episode featured the union - even tho still not recognized in the beautiful state of Louisiana - of a Vampire and human. Love is Love!

In this very last episode, Adele Stackhouse gave a young Sookie Stackhouse a great piece of advice:

'You can have any kind of life you want. Anything you want you are intitled to it. There are no limits on you, if you don't put it on yourself.'

And that is the best advice someone can get. Ironically, I did get that exact same advice from my grand parents, even tho I did not turn out to be a fangbanger, nore am a fairy ;P I was - for sure - not going to be like everyone else. And 7 years ago when Alek and I landed in Los Angeles with one bag each to start a new chapter, there were fewer limits to our horizon - Anything you want you are intitled to it - may sound like a cliché but it works if you know exactly what you want, and that is where the trick is. Knowing what you want is not as easy as it sounds because among many other things that wish should not be associated with anything material.

7 years later, one of our adventures called BELLO Mag gave us the opportunity to achieve many things like meeting and working with incredible talents, including many actors from True Blood.

Here is a recap of some of the people we have photographed and featured in the magazine over the years:

Ryan Kwanten, Carrie Preston, Joe Manganiello, Nelsan Ellis and Kevin Alejandro ... 

Awww look at those two, that was one of my favorite love stories and I am gonna miss Lafayette !!!!


Deborah Ann Woll ... how gorgeous is Jessica!? I absolutely love those photos by Alek.


but also Todd Lowe, Will Yun Lee, Mehcad Brooks, Nathan Parsons, Grant Bowler, Natalie Dreyfuss, Riley Smith, Grey Damon, Randy Wayne, Melissa Rauch, Camilla Luddington, Nicholas Gonzalez … via

Thank You, True Blood.


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'The Hundred Foot Journey' Manish Dayal For BELLO Mag


In our current issue of BELLO mag - August 2014 - we had the pleasure to feature and interview le charmant Manish Dayal from the movie 'The Hundred Foot Journey'.

The movie opened yesterday here in the US and last night we went to the arclight in Hollywood for a late screening. I knew I would enjoy this movie but I had no idea I would love it that much.

First it takes place around my hometown in the South of France !!!! Then I LOVE Charlotte Le Bon, she is a Canadian actress who was a weather girl on Canal + a couple of years ago. The movie also features Michel Blanc as the mayor, love him and the super sexy Clément Sibony who plays a total jerk in the movie btw. Om Puri was just pure joy to watch along Helen Mirren and Manish Dayal bien sur.

Here is a look at his BELLO mag feature shot here in Los Angeles by Yoni Goldberg.

Photo 1

Manish Dayal is having a moment. And since this is our annual Sexy Issue, it’s a sexy moment. One involves making an omelette with Helen Mirren in this month’s, The Hundred-Foot Journey. The film adaptation of the bestseller is about an Indian family that opens a restaurant across from a renowned bistro in the South of France. The cross-cultural culinary tale, directed by Lasse Hallström (Chocolat), promises a breakout role for Manish (he’s already been labeled as one of the fresh-faced heartthrobs of summer). Naturally, we had to find out what it was like for this South Carolina native to be handpicked by a couple of Hollywood heavy hitters…and how he managed to mix fine cuisine with Crossfit.

Photo 2

Check out all the photos here.

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As I have mentioned above the movie takes place in a town right next to my hometown called Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val. When we discover this place in the movie I was so happy and a little homesick too! It's so beautiful that it looks like a movie set but I was lucky to call those places home growing up.


OhLaLa Ryan Guzman BELLO Mag Exclusive Outtakes


This weekend the latest Step Up will hit the screens here in the US. The stars/dancers of this movie are Briana Evigan and Ryan Guzman. Before we get to the subject of this post aka le beau Mr Guzman here are two posters for Step Up All In and as you can see it seems that Asia like it wet!


Earlier today we have posted on some exclusive outtakes by Alek of Briana and Ryan both featured in previous BELLO mag issues. Briana Evigan Bello Mag Issue #60 and Ryan Guzman Bello Mag Issue #37. Those issues with their exclusive editorial and interviews are available to download worldwide on iTunes Newstand.

To see all the photos click here.


Since we had the pleasure of meeting and shooting Ryan for BELLO we also have for you some extra picture of this sooooo handsome man! Who on top of being perfect is also extremely nice. I hope you'll enjoy those images as much as we enjoyed taking them #YouAreWelcome





So Bello! 'Sunbather' With Joshua Michael Brickman By Harol Baez


Bello Mag is giving us a little refreshment on this hot summer day with this series with Joshua Michael Brickman photographed in NYC by Harol Baez. Click here to see all the photos.




And just for you an extra buttylicious picture of le beau Joshua, the unkissed picture after the jump.


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Anyone Need A Lift? Nathan Parsons For Bello Mag Sexy Issue - August 2014


Can you believe July is over !? As you can see I am enjoying the summer and do not have much time to update OhLaLa ...

But today, let's have a look inside the new issue of BELLO mag August 2014 sexy issue with Ashley Tisdale photographed by Alek in Beverly Hills on the main cover.

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Inside this sexy issue let's focus our attention for now on actor Nathan Parsons from True Blood photographed in LA by Amanda Elkins. You may remember that last season the actor playing Jessica's boyfriend left the show because he refused to play gay! I know how ridiculous is that? Well sometimes a stupid thing (or person) is a good thing because not only there are better actors but there are hotter actors and Nathan is certainly both. I am so happy that he has joined True Blood for its last season and we could not miss the opportunity to photograph and have a chat with him for Bello mag sexy issue. Because being sexy is not just about the look, it's the attitude:

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 10.27.36 AM

He caught our eye in 2012 when he joined General Hospital, since then Nathan Parsons has rapidly become one of the hottest actors around. With a role in the much- hyped super natural drama The Originals already under his belt, he has now opted for a part in the Emmy winning HBO series, True Blood. At the moment Nathan is focused on his acting. His latest performance as James, the clever, sexy, empathetic vampire is incredible, particularly bearing in mind that he was drafted in after Luke Grimes left the show. With six series aired alongside an enormous fan base, anyone can imagine the pressure of jumping on board the already established show to be relatively intense. “It was awesome actually!” he says.

“There is always pressure when you start a new project, but the cast and crew were amazing in welcoming me into the fold and making me feel at home.”


He continues by explaining how he prepped for the renowned role, “I started by watching season six, studying the character James and seeing if there was anything that stood out in terms of habits, speech patterns, etc.” I begin realizing how important getting in tune with the character was to Nathan, “I didn't want to upset the fans if there was something that stood out but the character didn't really do too much. Plus, because the direction of the character is shifting it allowed a little more leeway when it came to creative liberties. From there I just tried to gradually shift James from season six to season seven!”

Nathan answers the question I was most anticipating, his most challenging role to date. Drawing the answer I speculated, “Probably James actually”, he notes, “his character is from the 70's, plus he definitely has certain aspects of his character that were a challenge for me to wrap my head around.”
With the particularly grueling schedule between two film sets at an end, Nathan finally gets a break. “I am looking forward to the downtime. I should have a few weeks off coming up, so it’s time for a road trip!” Parsons’ role in The Originals allows him to divide time filming between Los Angeles and Atlanta. Having grown up in the South I was eager to find out where his heart lies when it comes to his filming locations. “I actually prefer Atlanta! The people in Georgia remind me of home.”


It is no surprise that in his industry, it is important to stay in shape, when I ask him if he has a demanding work out regime, his answer is seemingly relaxed, “I probably should! It is difficult to stay in shape in general but you have to try to squeeze it in whenever, wherever you can. Whenever I was in Atlanta, I would always wake up a couple hours before my call time and head to the hotel gym.”

As we draw to a close, I ask for his opinion in what he finds sexy, his answer simple and to the point. “Confidence.” He divulges, “confidence" in yourself that goes deeper than what you do or anything else superficial. It's that self-respect that I find sexy.” I can’t help admiring the sincerity behind his response.


source via

photographer AMANDA ELKINS
styling assistant HANNAH MALACH


First Look: Vikings & Arrow Season 3 Trailers ... So Bello!

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 12.21.38 AM

Would you look at this sexy cruisader !!!!! Isn't that one more reason to be excited for Vikings season 3? The first trailer premiered at Comic Con enjoy:

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 12.22.15 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 12.21.06 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 12.32.56 AM

Arrow season 3 first trailer is also available, click here to watch.

Both trailers feature - if I am not mistaken - 8 people we have photographed for Bello Mag.

Alexander Ludwig and Clive Standen  for Vikings, Brandon Routh, Emily Bett Ricards, Caity Lotz, Katie Cassidy, Kelly Hoo, and Colton Haynes for Arrow. Not to mention the other actors not featured in the trailers! Damn we got busy ;-P and that's only 2 shows ...

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