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Watch: David Beckham For Jaguar China

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 12.25.30 PM

Not every Asian product endorsments have to be as embarrasing as Cristiano Ronaldo's face fitness tool.

You can also be the exclusive embassador for Jaguar in China. I am sure that David Beckham really went back and forth between the 'face fitness tool' for Japan and Jaguar in China, but it looks like Cristiano was the quickest to close the deal in Japan ... so that is why David beckham had to look painfully sexy and handsome in this new Jaguar Chinese tv spot. source.

In my heart Japan will always win but in that specific case I rather say Xièxiè than Arigatō.

David Beckham All Buttoned Up For His Classic Blue Fragrance Campaign + Rihanna Launches Rogue Man


Guess what people!!! At some point we have to pay for all those David Beckham's underwear shots ... today's the day.

Beckham inc. released this photo for the new fragrance campaign for David Beckham Classic Blue featuring David himself buttoned up ...  probably an outtake image from last year campaign for David Beckham Classic campaign as you can see below.


Fragrances!!! One of the most profitable business for A, B, and C-lister. Celebrities tend to make between 5 and 10 percent of sales for licensing their name to a scent on top of an upfront payment of several millions with sales in the hundreds of millions for some of these fragrances. The global fragrance industry is valued at over $35 billion a year.

Because Rihanna is so passionate by the 'eau de toilette' industry, she too has launched her first men’s fragrance, Rogue Man. I never found any of those men's celebrity fragrances to actually smell good. very often ressembling the smell of those cheap deodorants.

Fun facts:

The ingredients in the average bottle of prestige perfume cost about $1.20 to $1.50.

The actual liquid in a typical bottle of $150 perfume is less than 1% of the retail cost.

The bottle, box and and display carton typically cost four to six times times more than the fragrance itself.

Hope your weekend stinks better than the celebrity fragrance industry xoxo





OhLaLa David Beckham New H&M Bodywear Ads


The new David Beckham H&M bodywear collection looks comfy.

Nothing to complain about here, the collection is good. the photos are nice and David is, as always, very charming. The effortless 'out of bed' look, does look a bit overdone in some pics but that is just my personal taste about long hair.

The collection will launch in stores and online August 21.






Sneak peek! On set of the #BeckhamForHM campaign shoot via instagram.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 10.58.09 AM

David Beckham Looking Annoyed While Promoting His H&M Swimwear Line


H&M has released 3 new images from David Beckham's collection. This time it's all about the swimwears.

The swimwears are ok, he covers pretty much the entire market with those awful long shorts, the short shorts and the classic speedo.

David is looking good even if his face is kinda weird. It looks like he stopped breathing for the shot, pumped his chest and I would say feels a bit uncomfortable.

I love David but I am pretty sure that he starts to be annoyed by having to pose for his own line, especially in a white speedo. I would have prefered to see those swimwears in action, beach, pool ... just something that screams summer rather than 'We have 30 mns to shoot the swimwears, while shooting the entire lookbook'.

Do you remember how sexy David looked in speedo and white undies like 9 years ago ... 


I am still trying to erase from my memory the 'just moved to LA' era with those swim pants:


Anyway here is what the press release says:

'The success of my Bodywear collection at H&M has been fantastic, so I’m thrilled to be introducing these great swimwear pieces ready for the summer. We’ve worked hard to create new classics for men, with great fit, comfort and also style.'



Brooklyn Beckham Does Man About Town Magazine


At 15 Brooklyn Beckham makes his debut on the cover of Man About Town magazine. I mean his younger brother Romeo is already rocking international campaigns like Burburry and by the look of it, Cruz and Harper Seven are well on their way too ... so I think the game is on between the Beckham's kids ;-)


Brooklyn was photographed by Alasdair McLellan.

I am not sure I get the 'Quiche' thing on the cover. In France when you say that someone is a 'quiche' you refer to them as kind of dumb. In fact this muct be something added by a fan site or something like that, because I do not see a men's fashion magazine adding a quiche on their cover lol.

Go and visit Dailymail who got the exclusive first look for more images.


David Beckham For Intense Instinct Fragrance Campaign


Of Course David Beckham is gonna be the face of his own fragrance line, and of course he will be shirtless. So here is a look at Intense Instinct ad.

“an invigorating and contemporary fragrance for men with green, luminous notes and woody undertones. I believe it’s important to trust your instincts in life and this has inspired this new limited edition of my fragrance.”

What do you think? As much as I love David Beckham, I mean love is a big word, let's say I find him pleasant and never dislike anything he did. I don't hate this shot but I don't love it either. Anyone who has ever taken pictures on a professional level would agree that this is a bad picture. David is a charming man and this is just ok. Plus I feel like I have seen him shirtless more than I ever wanted. Maybe it's time to keep those tattoos private at least for a little while ...

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