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Dieux Du Stade 2013 ... Watch The Video Teaser + 4 New Photos


In my opinion the videos of the famous French calendar Dieux Du Stade are what makes the all thing worth ...


But first let's talk about French newspaper Le Nouvel Observateur sharing 4 new photos from the famous French calendar ...


So far the photos are just plain classic which is not really a problem as the main focus is the male body which is why I don't get this picture (above right) don't get me wrong I think calendars with women are hot, like the amazing Pireli calendar ... but this is the Dieux du Stade and i do not think anyone cares about seeing a naked women in it. Are rugbymen feeling less guilty getting naked when there is a woman in the frame? I don't think that is the case so I just don't get the point. Maybe a vision ... bla bla bla.


As I have just said the best thing about the calendar remains the videos, what you don't see on the photos you get to see in the videos ... from the amazing locations to the guys having fun [source].

And check out more photos after the jump.


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First Look At The 2013 Dieux Du Stade Calendar


It's a French classic, much like Foie Gras but only legal in California, naked French Rugbymen (and guests) are making their way to the 2013 Dieux Du Stade calendar.

The spirit of this calendar is, besides baby oil and water splashed on ripped bodies (for the most part), the allegoria of life ... yep. You may remember (if you really paid attention to other things than abs and bubble butts) that last year was all about the apocalypse ... this year is about making it and surviving ... isn't that cute? if you rolled your eyes at this point it's because you don't see the true beauty of this calendar and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Among the rugby players who got naked this year: Scott Lavalla (on the couver), Jérôme Fillol, Olivier Missoup, Jules Plisson, Djibril Camara, Lisandro Gomez Lopez, Alexandre Flanquart, Hugo Bonneval mais aussi Maxime Mermoz, Alexis Palisson, Geoffroy Messina, Morgan Parra, Julien Pierre, Wesley Fofana, Yoann Huget …

40 photos by François Rousseau for 28 € available October 4th, follow by the DVD one month later.

France / Rugby Locker Room Interview Gone Wild On Live Television


Here in the US the talk of the day is about M.I.A. and her unfamous finger, how mad must be Madonna that all the medias are feeding on this detail when she did so many great things during her Superbowl halftime performance ... but just like her song ... it's human nature ... unfortunately!

But our news is way more fun than that. First I have to say that doing an interview of the French Rugby team after a game in the locker room is a bit risqué ... the journalist was talking to Maxime Médard when another player walked by.

You can see on his face that something is coming its way ... I am not sure if the lack of rection is due to embarrassment or just c'est la vie, but it is priceless.


If you want to see what we saw on television click here.

Maxime's body language is telling me that he is more embarrassed or in denial of the situation. LOL


If you are not familiar with Rugby you may not know who Maxime Médard is, but if you are familiar with the Dieux Du Stade calendar you may remember this:


Since we are in the rugby mood here are some images from various games and teams that played recently. First England's Jordan Turner-Hall after their Six Nations rugby union match victory against Scotland in Edinburgh.




Above some hunky players from the New Zealand team. Lote Raikabula, Ardie Savea, Hosea Gear, Tomasi Cama and Charles Piutau after winning the Rugby Sevens tournament in Wellington.

Below Ethan Ford of the Rebels during the Super Rugby trial match between the Melbourne Rebels and the Chiefs in Geelong, Australia.


Below Ethan Ford's teamate Luke Jones of the Rebels during the Super Rugby trial match.


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Halloween Treat / Dieux Du Stade 2012 Photos First Images


After the cover with French rugby player Sébastien Torresin [First Look / Dieux Du Stade 2012 Calendar With Sébastien Torresin As The Cover Player] and a making off video [Watch A Making Off Video Of The Dieux Du Stade 2012 Calendar] here is our Halloween treat with a look inside the calendar courtesy of prowler. The full images after the jump.

The theme this year's 10th anniversary edition of the Dieux Du Stade calendar:  'survivors of a lost world, trying to get on board a ship...' . It seems that it could have been 'men on the moon' and we would not have seen much difference, if I do not get the survival them I do get the spirit!

+ More Dieux Du Stade on OhLaLa even more here


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Watch A Making Off Video Of The Dieux Du Stade 2012 Calendar

Calendars are such a funny and dated concept, but for 'some reasons' it's still working ... from the time it was all about kittens and puppies in pretty baskets filled with fresh fruits and flowers to the hot naked French rugbymen dipped in bronzer and baby oil, whatever you like to look at it probably has been printed on a calendar.


So for those of you who likes French Rugby Players naked there will be a 2012 edition of the famous Dieux Du Stade calendar. In September we had our first look at the cover boy Sébastien Torresin [First Look / Dieux Du Stade 2012 Calendar With Sébastien Torresin As The Cover Player]

This year's concept is about men trying to get on a ship after the end of the world (and loosing all their clothes and saving one rugby ball) ... a sort of Spartacus meets post-apocalyptic Robinson Crusoe, or something like that, shot in an old factory on some cold Parisian sunday morning, and at some point one of them is trying to fix a car ... anyway, apparently it's very dramatic ... but who really cares !!!? Enjoy the video along with more images after the jump.


+ More Dieux Du Stade on OhLaLa


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First Look / Dieux Du Stade 2012 Calendar With Sébastien Torresin As The Cover Player

In 10 years the concept hasn't changed, French rugby players (and their guests) posing nude for a calendar. What makes it fresh year after year are the new faces (and bodies).

Today Stade Francais Paris, unveiled the 2012 cover featuring Sébastien Torresin [Pro-D2 Pau, France] photographed by François Rousseau who is siging his 3rd collaboration with Dieux Du Stade. 42 images with an interesting theme: "survivors of a lost world, trying to get onboard a ship ..."

This year will feature players such as: Julien Arias, Jules Plisson, Paul Sackey, Antoine Burban, Laurent Sempéré, Dimitri Szarzewski, Alexandre Flanquart  mais aussi Fulgence Ouedraogo (Montpellier), Rémy Martin (Montpellier), Alexandre Lapandry (Clermont), Henry Chavancy (Ile de France), Benjamin Lapeyre (Toulon), Benjamin Dambielle (La Rochelle), Yann Lesgourgues (Biarritz), Marc Baget (Bayonne), Cédric Coll (Aix en Provence), Noah Cato (Northampton) …

The calendar will be available on September 29, and the DVD in October 2011.

+ More Dieux Du Stade on OhLaLa

+ Stade Francais Paris Dieux Du Stade 2012 Calendar

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