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The Ultimate E Cigarette is Here


You know we are always doing our bes to be fashionable, so imagine how surprised we were when we realised that there is an E Cigarette that is great but also stylish enough!

Our friend in NYC has jsut switched to E cigs and guess what we got her as a present? A starter kit from and she loved it.

Not only it was affordable but the pack had a classy "cigaret box" (charging case), and all the things you would need from a starter kit.

And let me tell you what is the best thing about CigLites, they have 6 amazing tastes: Menthol, Capuccino, Grown Tobacco, Cherry, Classic Tobacco, and Vanilla. and all the refills are available to order online as well as the Starter kit. The delivery was fast so did not have to wait much.

CogLites personal Charging Case looks great, you will be proud to put it on the table. Another great thing is that connecting is done with USB cable so you can plug it in iPhone Adaptor or any other that has USB conenction.

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Celebrity Wedding Dresses You Can Have Too!

If you are planning a wedding, or thinking of tying the knot, consider some of the best wedding gowns of 2013 and 2014 worn by celebrities. You can find yourself a close replica of your preferred style for a reasonable price, even if you can't afford Vera Wang.

Some of the most breathtaking dresses can be found easily with a little looking online. The right search engine can even lead you to a location near you. Finding a look that matches celebrities is easier than you think. Start by finding a style that you like. It should be flattering to your personal form, while at the same time stunning and unique. Some samples are listed below.

Celebrity weddings of 2013 included a variety of classic and contemporary styles. In some cases these were mixed together to create something completely new. 2013 Samples:

• Actress Christina Ricci married in October, wearing a classic meets contemporary sheath dress covered in lace and with a long tulle train. It was stunning and flattering.

• Princess Madeleine of Sweden married in June, wearing a classing a-line dress that flattered her figure and preserved a more traditional look.

• Actress Kate Bosworth married in August, donning a simple strapless ball gown with a dramatic 8-foot train.

• Actress Halle Berry married in July, wearing an empire waist gown adorned with Swarovski crystal. The dress was stunning and allowed room for her pregnant belly too.

• Olympic star Jessica Ennis married in May in a ruffled tulle fit-n-flare dress that was as elegant as the rest of the ceremony.

Celebrity wedding dresses in 2014 have not been as rich with variety, creating a couple of clear trends for this year.

2014 Weddings to Look for:

• Kim Kardashian married in late May in a custom made mermaid dress covered in lace.

• Britney Spears's little sister Jamie Lynn married in March, sporting a fit-n-flare dress that was both simple and elegant.

• Actress Kaley Cuoco married on New Years Eve, wearing a pink Vera Wang ball gown that had a skirt of tulle layers. It's a reminder that traditional white doesn't have to be worn by a bride.

• Backstreet Boy Nick Carter married Lauren Kitt in April. Lauren wore a mermaid dress with bead work on the skirt.

• Actress Alexa Vega married in January and donned a simple sheath dress with bead work on the back.

• Singer Kelly Rowland married in May, wearing a simple ball gown with layers of tulling in the skirt.

Though personal styles vary, it seems that either mermaid or ball gown is the way to go in 2014, according to celebrity trends. Find yourself a wedding dress that is just as stunning as those the celebrities wear by selecting a couple of different styles that fit your form, then visiting search sites like Wedding Wire that assist you in finding local vendors. You can choose the style you like and go from there to narrow the search. Once you have a few that you like, the search engine helps you find out where you can get the dress.

If you like something you see on a celebrity, you can always ask your favorite wedding dress provider and they can help you find the closest replica possible for a reasonable price. You may not have the budget a celebrity has, but you can still find a stunning wedding dress.

An Axiom April

Ohlala Mag Offer
Axiom For Men has had a busy April so far, participating in several important events that not only helped raise money for deserving LGBTQ-related organizations, but also co-sponsored a ground-breaking study on the dating (and mating) differences between straight men and women and the LGBTQ community.

On Tuesday, April 8th, Axiom was honored to be included in the VIP gift bags at the Jeffrey Fashion Cares event in NYC. Established in 2002 by Jeffrey Kalinsky, fashion pioneer and community leader, Jeffrey Fashion Cares New York has raised $5 million for a selection of respected charity organizations supporting LGBTQ civil rights, HIV prevention, and education for LGBTQ youth. On average 85% of every dollar raised goes directly to the charities — a remarkable margin for a charity fundraiser! Visit for more information and to help Axiom For Men truly make a difference by helping support this wonderful event.

Also in April, Axiom For Men is co-sponsoring an important new study examining the difference in dating (and mating) habits between LGBTQ single folks and their hetero counterparts. The study is being conducted by Pace University and Pilot Proof, and we encourage every one to take part so that the study can have as many data points (participants) as possible. For those who complete the survey, all kinds of goodies, swag and discounts will be available from some fantastic sponsoring brands! The study is light-hearted and fun, yet is important as it will truly help the integration of the LGBTQ community into mainstream society but fostering a greater understanding of the similarities (and differences) between LGBTQ and mainstream focus groups. Visit to participate and checkout the write up in the Huffington Post at:!

In other news, Axiom team is hard at work on the last stages of our new retail display where you, our loyal customers will be able to sample, test and purchase all Axiom For Men products in specialty stores across the United States. You will be able to find these locations on our website in the near future, and we will keep you posted as stores roll out our products. In the meantime, you can continue to shop online for the best men’s grooming and skincare products on the market at

Stay tuned for more news, promotions and special offers from Axiom For Men as we gear up for June Pride Month. This month, Ohlala readers can take advantage of our special promotion of 25 % off their entire purchase from our website. Simply enter promo code Ohlalamag upon checkout from our website. As always, Axiom is committed to helping deserving members of the LGBTQ community, and is proud to continue to align with Athlete Ally (, The American Military Partners Association (, Family Equality Council (, The National Center for Transgender Equality ( and the Trevor Project (

So on behalf of the entire Axiom For Men team, we thank you for all your feedback, support and guidance as you truly are helping us make a difference with your daily routine.

With Warmest Regards,

Mike Waxman
President, Axiom For Men



What is your Vaping Style ?

I can not tell you how happy I was when my best friend just told me that she has decided to smoke cigarets, and is going to use Vapourlites from now on. Oh no more that and smell, ... so refreshing.

And that is when she started to tell me all about Vaping styles. Right ? I did not know that even existed, but here is what I have learned about all those methods and techniques people employ to enjoy their electric cigarettes and other skiing pleasures.

She went into details through the list of all of them: Classic Cigarette, Gentry, Tweet, Comfort, Classic Cigar, Chap, Bounder, Ladies, and Stealth. But then we found this Guide online that tells you that your style of vaping might reveal that you’re a secret ninja, or that you’re only interested in one thing and it doesn’t involve keeping your clothes on?

So yes she actually uses mix of Gentry and Tweet, ... which actually shows her masculine side. Gentry technique affords one a particular intellectual opulence which other vaping styles cannot hope to match. And on the other side thoughtful yet deceivingly aggressive, the Twee method is all about control. It is a vaping style oft employed by those in deep thought, possibly in deep contemplation of how to completely dominate you and everything you are.

What is your Vaping Style ?


Axiom For Men: To (S)Have or (S)Have Not

image from

Gents—Let us take this opportunity to let you in on a little secret. The days of having to shave every day for the office are long gone. In fact, the days of having to shave daily for ANYONE are a thing of the past. At Axiom For Men, we believe that guys should look how they want to look, act how they want to act, and be who they want to be. We won’t say whether or not you need to shave to get that coveted raise, to pull the hottest guy (or gal), or to navigate this rat race we call life. That's for you to decide.  

However, we can offer up some facts, debunk a few myths, and provide soe simple and easy-to-follow instructions that will leave your face, neck (any body part, for that matter) feeling smooth, clean, and well shaved!


The Do’s and Do Nots of a Comfortable Shave.

DO check your face and neck for existing acne, razor burn or pre-existing skin irritation. An important first step, Gents. Think of it as avoiding potholes, puddles or other nuisances while driving. Think in the same vein when driving a razor across your face.

DO NOT shave AGAINST the direction of hair growth. This one is a bit controversial, but we’d rather err on the side of protecting your precious puss, and thus recommend shaving WITH the direction of hair growth. Shaving against it can yank up the hair from the skin and lead to razor burn and bumps. And worse, can hurt like hell.

DO. use warm water. Better yet, steam. Both are good for not only opening your pores, but softening the hair itself.  Warm water and steam moisturize the skin, which is never a bad thing.  

DO NOT shave without a lubricating gel, cream, oil, foam or (gasp) soap! While, of course, we are partial to Axiom For Men’s Face & Body Shave Cream, for the love of God… Guys, use something! Unprotected shaving (like sex) is, for lack of a better word—dumb.  You are dragging steel blades across your skin--not just any skin--your face!  

DO finish by splashing cold water on your face.  COLD water. Why? Just as warm water opens the pores, cold water helps to close and diminish them in size—leaving the skin taut, firm and healthy.

DO NOT let anyone tell you they know your skin better than you do.  At the end of the day, you know your own body and skin best.  While there are certain fundamentals to shaving, there’s a ton of contradictory information out there.  Take your time, pay attention, and most importantly, do what feels right for you.  And if you need any further guidance or handholding, we can always be reached at Tell us about your particular skin type, issues and/or concerns, and we would be happy to tailor a personal skin care and hair removal regimen just for you.

So put your best face forward, Fellas, and make it a great day.!

Axiom For Men: Look Good. Be Yourself. Be the Difference.


Andrew Marc - Luxury Basics

This season is all about mixing up , and there are very few brands that offer the quality luxury products that can be easily incorporated in anyone's garderobes as Andrew Marc does. The secret is to have classic cuts with updated color options and materials. Something we would like to call luxury basics, the items you can not go wrong with.

Our picks for this season : teal Natalie, and blush Venus jackets, and for the guys must have Andrew Marc watches as well as Nile in Cork. Andrew Marc's vision is cosmopolitan in nature, grounded in New York City, but inspired by larger developing American fashion trends. Beginning with the fur-lined lambskin bomber jacket, which immediately became a cornerstone to the company's success, Andrew Marc has worked hard to establish a reputation as an iconic American brand. The collection has evolved substantially since its inception, and includes a secondary label, Marc New York by Andrew Marc.


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