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J.P. CALDERON "I want to meet someone! "


He is even hotter in real than on the photos, and over all he is really nice. We really had a great time at this Silver Lake home where Nicolas Wagner took those photos to illustrate the interview. Do not forget to go to Second Part of the post to learn what J.P. wears when he sleeps :-)


Do you still play volleyball? Do you play at the beach?

J.P.: I do coaching for Junior Olympics, and I was really sad to have to leave last year right before the competition because of Survivor. I plan to be here for them this time around. Most of my friends are volleyball players, like Matt Prosser, who I lived with…so yes, I love playing at the beach, and you are invited to the next match :-)

You were a bar tender before Survivor. Is that right? What is your favorite cocktail?

J.P.: I've pretended that I was a straight bar Actually, I do have a favorite cocktail right now: Absolut Pear Vodka, with pineapple juice, and diet seven up.

[Does it have a name]?

J.P.: I do not know...JP-tini...maybe.


How did Survivor change your life?

J.P.: My life changed right before Survivor when my dad died. It is the most important thing that has happened to me; I felt free. I never had a good relationship with him. I always loved him, but I feel better off now. I would have never done Survivor if he had been around. Before, I was used to hiding my emotions, and during the show I was confronted with that for the first time. So, in a way, all this did open my eyes.

What made it impossible for you to show your emotions before?

J.P.: Modeling is one. I did some tests once, and when I came back home, my father told me: “do not do that stuff again, that gay stuff"... he thought that modeling was not a good way to make a living. My friends always j[oke]: “it all started when you stopped playing soccer”...I come from a big soccer family, so picking up volleyball did not make things easier. My father did not approve of it until he started seeing me win at competitions. My life is different now: I'm ready to fail now, versus expecting to fail.

What do you see yourself doing 5 years from now?

J.P.: Gosh…I do not know. I expect to be with somebody, to have my own revenue coming in, found a charity for kids, and hopefully get into acting. I especially want to pursue different charitable causes.

Which side of the bed do you prefer (and what do you wear when you sleep)?

J.P.: I prefer the right side, does that mean anything...I'm What do I wear…hmm… preferably nothing, or just a pair of shorts from time to time.

Do you think that we live [in a world] that is too celebrity-obsessed? And if so, how would you suggest that we change it?

J.P.: That’s a tough one...that is the lifestyle I'm getting myself into, so I'm thinking: will I contradict myself? You know, in a way we are—we’re too dependent on celebrities to dictate how we should live, and I think that is wrong. It is called entertainment, and there is nothing wrong with is fun, but you have to know yourself, no matter what.


Have you ever read before? If so, is there anything on it that you prefer? What did you think about the article we wrote about you?

J.P.: YES and I love it. I was really happy and appreciative of how nice you guys were to me. Several blogs have posted lies and nasty things just to attract readers, so I was always coming back to your site for some comfort after surfing the bad ones... I love it that you have a list of high-profile entertainers, but the majority of them are hot guys, and I like the pictures that you show. To me what we do not see is sexier than what we see...what’s hot is almost the ambiguity, like having to guess if someone is gay (and not knowing it directly from the photo). You guys have great taste, and your site it is very artistic.

How do you feel about mixing your private life and your career?

J.P.: I try to keep my life as private as possible. People are gonna try to go wherever they wanna go; it is something that I knew [before] getting into this business. Celebrities who are complaining choose this kind of life because they want people to get interested in them, so that is the deal.

Why did you choose the Janise Dickinson show as a venue to come out (and were you forced to)? What impact did it have on your life?

J.P.: I did not have to. Neither Instinct nor Janise pressured me. Instinct went after me right when Survivor was over, but I was not ready (I was dumb)... and then when Janise asked me, I was not thinking...the scene took much longer than what they aired...she had such a hard time, and I made her feel uncomfortable (but not intentionally). While I was staring at her, I saw my entire life flash before my eyes...and I knew if I had said yes that it would change my life... and I felt that it was a sign being asked on national television and by a popular magazine like Instinct. And I had to be true to myself, and for the kids I'm coaching.

So that did not help you get a boyfriend?

J.P.: Oh GOD no. I'm single... it made it worse ... can put this in here: I want to meet someone! No one talks to me. So typical guys :-)

What is the favorite part of your body, and what would be the favorite part of your partner’s body?

J.P.: My Shoulders... I know that this sounds cheesy, but the most important attributes to me are good character and genuine kindness. I'm learning now that I was really shallow before, just looking at guys that look like me...and you know what I find really sexy: a guy with big feet and big legs.

What’s your favorite part of Paris (the city, that is)?

J.P.: Paris Hilton? Or Perez Hilton ? I do not like Perez, but I like Paris Hilton. I think that people hate her because she is living a life we all would love to have. She has grown up in money, so don't expect her to buy a small place and drive an old car.  She abuses her privileges, but we all do that on some level. She has to realize sometimes that she needs to be the role-model that so far she hasn’t been...but besides that, she is just fine.  She is Paris. And as for the City of Paris...I have never been there, but now that I know you, I suppose that I will be going there soon :-) lol.


What has been your worst dating experience?

J.P.: Oh...well, it has happened more than once actually. What I mean is…there is nothing wrong with playing feminine, but once this guy played butch for the first 2 dates...and than turned into “hey, he said and she said...miss thing.” It’s just that I like for people to act the way they really are.

What do you think about controversy surrounding gay marriage, and why do you think so many countries are moving forward with it, except for the US?

J.P.: It sucks that we are so conservative and stacked.  Americans do not like to follow, so that is what makes it hard for us because we didn’t begin the movement. Personally, I want to get married. You know, it feels strange going to my friends’ weddings, and even though I'm so happy for them, it hurts for a second…you know…“am I ever going to get this.” I'm definitely going to have the ceremony with my family and my friends, as I want to share that important moment with them.

If you had a magic wand, what 2 things would you change, in your own life and on a larger scale?

J.P.: I would wish that my mom was still alive, and I would wish that I could have been truer to myself a lot sooner in life. I think that when you are at peace with yourself, everything else will come your way. In the world…to end ignorance!

+ Nicolas Wagner

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