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Photographer Kevin McDermott is sharing with us some, pretty sexy, images of Matt Maggiacomo. Matt is an on-air personality for OursceneTV, a lifestyle website that produces original content for the gay community. He also hosts several party's at G Lounge and Club 57 in NYC.

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Bryan Thomas is a regular hunk on OhLaLa. Today we got the chance to ask this model a few question about his life, new projects and also share with you some new very sexy photos by Kevin Mcdermott and Rick Day.

Q: What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

BT: I am always asking myself what’s next? How can I better myself ? Now these question apply to both my personal and professional career. I love setting new goals working hard at them and the breaking through to the next level. I have only been modeling for 2 years now but I can remember looking at fitness magazines and telling myself that’s going to be me. This was even before I had the body to do it!

Most people don’t know this but my true passion is being on the other side of the camera. I love writing short skits, filming and even producing. I am currently working on a fitness DVD that will highlight how I went from Joe Schmoe to fitness model. I am going to feature my diet, How to train at home and in local parks for free, gym workouts and how to supplement for less! We might also throw in some behind the scenes footage from shoots.

This project really turns me on as I am financing the entire thing. I will of course be the primary model of the video and I will also be working on the production side. So I will be giving 110% creatively, spiritually or emotionally.

I have also recently gotten into photography and I love everything about it. I can lose myself for hours when shooting anything from an apple to a person! I LOVE IT!

My latest passion is acting. I have finally begun to take the necessary steps to move closer to this dream by enrolling myself in formal acting class. (Thank you Tom Cullis!) For years I have been involved in filming/writing short skits with my friends. Up until now it has only been a hobby. I am ready to move forward and turn this dream into a reality.

I just recently played an interesting role in an indi film called “Night Heat” shot in Philadelphia. My character was a pretty boy named “Garett” who came from a well to do family but felt the need to sell drugs. I will post a link on my blog as soon as the film is completed.


Q: Your most marked characteristic?

BT: I love to help people. It’s what God put me on this earth to do bottom line. I Love promoting natural health and fitness. I can remember when no one would listen to me and now that I am a cover model people can’t stop asking all types of questions regarding nutrition and working out. I am also a certified personal trainer and helping people lose weight or tone up is something I love to do.

I believe that proper health and fitness can create a better world. Not only does exercising and healthy eating make us look and feel better but it also creates a healthy productive environment. Try feeling bad after going on a nice 5 mile run or jog on a nice day. It’s impossible! Doubt me? Lace up your Nikes and Just Do It!

I am doing LIVE webcast from a new website called many people from around the world come in and ask advice from myself and the other fitness models that appear on the site. It’s a really cool concept and its guys who not only talk the talk but walk the walk. I mean look at these guys!


Q: When and where were you happiest?

BT: Right now! Things are going great in both my personal and professional career. I am really excited about what the future has to offer. And to be honest with you I’m not sure exactly what career path I will choose but I like to have a few options as of rite now. I am able to turn negative events and tragedy into positive things. If you can learn how to do this nothing can stop you… Ever.

Q: What is your most treasured possession?

BT: My family my friends and my health. I hold these gifts very close to my heart and I am very grateful to be so blessed. There is no physical possession that could bring me as much joy and happiness.

Q: What do you most value in people?

BT: A sense of humor and a great outlook on life.

Q: Where would you like to live?

BT: Hopefully California and hopefully sometime very soon! I absolutely love everything about San Diego. I am even willing to go as far as shedding my tuff guy east coast skin for it! Yes I am one of those Philadelphia sports fans. ya know the ones that get the bad rap for being too passionate about their sports team!

Q: Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?

BT: Batman and Governor Schwarzenegger.

Q: Your favorite virtue?

BT: Perseverance, integrity and an offbeat sense of humor.

Q: What do you wear when you sleep?

BT: My bed sheets and a blanket.


Q: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

BT: I see myself writing books that pertain to health and fitness or at least having someone else write the books for me! Since I don’t think I am all that great of a writer. Maybe I will be involved with film or television. Not sure what side of the camera I will be on but either way it doesn’t matter.

Health and fitness will always be a part of my life and as I grow I plan to gown with it. When I reach my 30’s I already have planned to put out workout/nutritional DVD that pertains to guys in their 30’s. That might be the only good thing about getting older!

I am also interested in a career in the financial industry as a financial advisor. I know I have a few career paths on the table here but it’s ok I intend to live a long life and I love to explore so why not.

I have so many thoughts and ideas I just need to get them out there! I can’t really sit still so I need to put this all on paper. I think they call this ADD but I would just like to think I am a just very creative guy with lots of passion and energy for this thing we call life!

I also hope to be happily married living in California with a few gorgeous blue eyed children.

Bryan Thomas Thanks: My Mom and Dad, My friends and family, Bruno Rand(who talked me into NOT quitting modeling), Kevin Mcdermott, Troy Phillips, Rick Day, Silver Model Management. And last but not least 2 gentlemen from France by the names of Alek (with a “K”) and Steph!




Photographer Kevin McDermott has sent us a couple of photos of the super hot Bryan Thomas, who is featuring in the new issue of Genre. Hope you like those photos as much as we do ;-)


Have you seen the photos of Bryan by Troy Phillips that we have featured a couple of months ago !? Pretty hot too. Bryan Thomas has a blog, simply called Bryan Thomas where you can see more of his photos.

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