Like A Virgin Turns 30!


I have been a Madonna's fan in denial for a couple of decades now. I am not a nostalgic person but for some reasons this album is THE madonna album for me, as it was the first vinyl album I bought. No matter how hard she tried to find her religious, rebelious, spiritual path, my love for Madonna could never compare to the Like A Virgin era, even tho this album does not feature 3 of my fav songs:  Holiday, Lucky Star and Borderline. It still remains the iconic Madonna image with this album cover above.

First of all, 30 damn years ... as Stephen Hawking would say, what is time? Well it's 30 damn years right here ;P And for that we can all congratulate the artist who has been pretty incredible (like it or not) ever since.

Billboard wrote: "the 20-something Michigan native caused a minor sensation, setting the stage for a total pop-culture takeover. Clearly, music was only one of her weapons."

A pop culture take over it was ... If you have been to one of her concerts, you can tell that people love her new songs but nothing can compare to the energy you feel when people start to hear the first notes of Holiday it just sets the audience on fire.

I remember her closing the Re-Invention tour show in Paris in 2004 with a really cool version of Holiday !!! It still gives me chills thiking about it ... I remember that for this show in particular I flew to Paris some of my family members who always wanted to see her live, it was so cool and it still gives me chills looking at it all over again:

The very first time I saw Madonna live was in France when I was 19 for the The Girlie Show, where she performed a fun military Holiday:

There was something magical about those ealy tours, at first I long believed that it was because it was my first shows. Then having experienced her other tours ... I one day realized that I had the opportunity to see concerts the way people would never see them again ... like ever again ... without the use of smartphones!!!!!! Mostly pre-iPhone, circa 2007.

Not a single soul trying to take a pic for twitter or instagram, not a single soul spending time paying more attention at their director's skills by staying still for a video they would later post on Youtube. This era had something magic for the performers and the audience. It must be so frustrating for singers to face this ocean of digital devices.


I am totally guilty of charge! The mystery is that I still have no idea why I am still trying to take photos when I see her live. I try not to as much as I used to, but still. I can't help. Something in my mind is telling me "she is right there in front of you ... immortalize that moment, take a pic" and then I tell myself "she is right there in front of you ... enjoy that moment and put your camera down"

Thank you Madonna and Happy birthday Like A Virgin.


All 16 of the Icons Name-Dropped in Madonna’s “Vogue” Are Now Gone :(

Annex - Bacall, Lauren_NRFPT_08

The hardest thing in life is to lose the people you love, some of those people we may never meet but they are part of our cultural identity, their legacy will remain long after our own death but at that precise moment when we learn about the death of one of our icons, it is a part of us that we lose. The dream factory that is Hollywood lost 2 stars this week, Robin Williams yesterday and Lauren Bacall today.


Madonna immortalized the golden age of Hollywood with her song Vogue and Lauren Bacall was the last of the 16th icons name-dropped in the song to leave us today.

Madonna Attends Lourdes’ High School Production Of ‘Grease’ *Dying*


This is just mindblowing for 2 reasons!

1) Big Madonna fan from day one 2) Huge Grease fan, I must have watched this movie about 50 times - or more - between the age of 8 and 12, and I am pretty sure that triggered my obsession with LA and to one day move here.

So when two of my obsessions collide into one, it's kinda fabulous!

Madonna attended the LaGuardia High School’s production of ‘Grease’ in Manhattan on Friday night, in which her daughter Lourdes takes on the role of Betty Rizzo. I mean Betty Rizzo !!!!!!! How amazing is that!?

According to the NY Daily News, Lourdes gave shout-outs to her mom and dad. “She would like to thank her parents,” she noted in her bio, “for giving her guidance and love and supporting her passions wholeheartedly.” Read more ...

Congratulations Lourdes!

And if like me you are a fan of Grease, here is an interactive map of the actual LA locations where the movie was filmed.


France / Brahim Zaibat 'Danse Avec Les Stars'


The super hot Dancer-Choregrapher Brahim Zaibat is part of the 4th season of Dacing With The Stars in France.

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 11.11.43 AM

Brahim Zaibat is a fierce competitor, you may think that it is easy to dance on this show when you are already an extremely talented dancer but when you have zero training in ballroom or contemporary it may just be 'la catastrophe' check out his latest performance below:

Here is his profile video featured on the French website.

Vogue / The Final Frontier by Steven Klein + Madonna New #SecretProjectRevolution Trailer


Here is a look inside the September 2013 issue of American Vogue with 'The Final Frontier' shot by Steven Klein with Raquel Zimmermann, Toni Garrn and Niklas Garrn.






Below the 3rd trailer for for Madonna and Steven Klein's #secretprojectrevolution posted on

Madonna & Defend Paris #ItsNotaSecretAnymore

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 5.42.38 PM

So the #secretproject Madonna has been working on is not really a 'secret' anymore.

She honestly sounded like she was working on the most exciting thing ever, almost getting us a ready for a revolution ... well the secret is out and it's a collaboration with Defend Paris a clothing line created by Brahim Zaibat (aka Madonna's boyfriend). 

"The philosophy of Defend Paris is fashion with a cause, created by a team of French designers and Brahim Zaibat.The label wants you to encourage you to support the charity of our choice. A part of the proceeds will be donated to that specific charity. Some items of clothing will be designed by high profile people who have causes they want to defend."

See, when they say 'a part' this is exactly when I need to know precisely how much of a part. Is it 50%? Is it 90%? is it 1%? If you encourage me to donate to a charity by wearing clothes then I would love to know how much I give back ... simple as that.


"Madonna’s mystery video now has a name. The gritty dance/fashion film the singer shot with Steven Klein #secretproject video is part of a campaign to raise money for human rights causes through a new label inspired by old-school streetwear called Defend Paris. Madonna was among the first to wear a black and white screen-printed hoodie from its inaugural collection in May, featuring an assault rifle emblazoned in the center of the logo. The singer’s boyfriend, Brahim Zaibat, is among a group behind the label, a cloak and dagger operation that has promoted itself with imagery utilizing gun violence as a narrative. For now, the Paris-based designers wish to remain anonymous. But a spokesperson for the collective says Zaibat will appear in ad imagery on Defend’s newly-launched website, which includes a lookbook and e-store of black and white hoodies, sweatshirts, tank tops, T-shirts and hats. The items, made in France, retail for 25-55€. The spokesperson would not say if Madonna will be involved in the design process, although several high-profile figures are being lined up for collaborations, each choosing a charity they would like to “defend." Zachary Quinto will be among those designing collections and Chris Brown, Rihanna and Steve Aoki have also been seen wearing the brand. “Some of them will design Defend Paris clothing,” the spokesperson said, adding, “Some of them just loved the concept… and supported us.” Proceeds will be donated to a cause of each designer’s choice." [WWD]

To me the label is very dark and violent looking for no real reason. I never found guns to be appropriate to any kind of cause. I am trying very hard here to understand the message here, mostly because (I think) I like Madonna, but Defend Paris style, I just don't get it. It's super ghetto and doesn't look like anything that would call for respect or peace between people and I think this the rifle logo is just stupid and inappropriate. Watch Defend Paris video after the jump.


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