James Marsden Plays Shag, Marry, Kill With A Gay Twist #love

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I just love James Marsden! I love the actor, I love this cute face and it seems that I even love his 'ultimate' life decisions.

This past week James made was invited to Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live.He was asked by one of the viewer to play play Marry, Shag, Kill with a gay twist! James has to decide between Andy Cohen, Anderson Cooper, and Neil Patrick Harris! Watch:

“I would…he’s a wonderful human being, but I would kill Neil Patrick Harris” ... I mean, lol. For some reason everybody loves NPH. For some reason I don't really love NPH. So if I had to choose, I would have done just the same.

Also, even tho I believe those phone calls are genuine, maybe, that question in particular was a special request from Andy. After all wouldn't you want to know if James Marsden would shag or marry you? Obviosuly he was not going to kill his host ;-)

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How To Get More For Less In Vegas


A trip to Las Vegas is always going to be costly, but you also know you’ll have an amazing time there, so it’s worth saving up for a good long time in order to really enjoy the blow-out when you get there. However, why would you want to spend more than you need to on any trip? Follow these top tips when you’re heading to Sin City for a vacation and you’ll make whatever budget you have stretch that much further.

Polish up your gambling skills online

When anyone goes to Vegas they’re going to do some gaming at the casinos. Even if you only plan to spend a small amount of time gambling, you should go to Vegas prepared. Do your homework on how to play the table games – such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker. That way, each of your gambling dollars has the potential to earn you more. Join an online casino site like Sky Vegas, 32red and Jackpot Party and you’ll get bonus credit to play with when you make an initial deposit. If you sign up to play 32Red slot games, you’ll get an extra $32 for every $20 you put into your account, so you’re a winner even before you’ve placed a bet. The credit can be used for any games on the site, not just slots, so you’ll be able to mug up on how to play the table games too.

As for what to play in Las Vegas, it’s worth steering clear of the slots as you’ll end up spending lots of money quickly on these. It’s better to play table games as each round will last that much longer, and win or lose, you’ll get more value for entertainment. It’s also fun to interact with the other people at the tables and this doesn’t really happen when you’re facing a slot machine and feeding in the quarters.


Book early

The earlier you book your hotel and travel, the better the deals are going to be. Or you could take the totally opposite tack and leave booking everything to the last moment. Las Vegas is a city that’s built for tourism; you’ll never end up without any accommodation options – it’s just that if you leave it to the very last minute, your first choices may have gone and the options you have left may be limited.
The same advice goes for any shows that you want to see while you’re in town. Start looking out for special offers long before you go to Vegas, that way you’ll not only definitely get seats, but you’ll get them at the right price too.

Make use of google maps or similar to make sure that when a hotel advertises itself as being ‘walking distance’ from the Strip that it won’t take you all day to walk there. Otherwise you could end up spending a lot more on taxi fares during your vacation than you originally planned to.


Sightsee on the Strip; gamble elsewhere

When you get to Vegas, doubtless you’ll want to spend plenty of time on the Strip, where the biggest and brightest casinos are. Be wowed by their fabulous, over-the-top décor and showiness by all means, but don’t gamble there. The biggest casinos also have the highest minimum bets on their gaming tables and offer the lowest player returns. If you want to get more ‘bang for your buck’ when gambling, head to the downtown casinos or those on the perimeter of the city where player return odds are more favourable and minimum bets are lower. The locals play here for these exact reasons.

Make the most of any complimentary offers and if you’re asked to sign up to get a players’ club card, don’t hesitate. It’s just like a store reward card and you’ll get all kinds of freebies. In fact, sign up for a few different players’ clubs before you go and you’ll probably get lots of email vouchers sent out to you ahead of time that you can use while in Las Vegas.


So Chic! Oliver Cheshire For Men’s Folio


Men’s Folio Indonesia is featuring on the cover of their October issue British model Oliver Cheshire, photographed in Bali by by Arseto Adiputra. Olivier was styled with pieces from Burberry Prorsum, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani and Dior Homme by Suhadi Budiman. Grooming Nick Jones.





More images from this cover story, in the second part of the post.


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Born Beautiful For The Cover Of W


Would you look at all those beautiful people packed on the November cover of W magazine like if it was 5pm on a monday night on the Tokyo JR line ...


So much hotness in one pic that it took 3 covers to feature them all.


Among the models photographed by Mert and Marcus, Daria Werbowy, Kate Moss, Lara Stone, Raquel Zimmermann, Saskia de Brauw, Mariacarla Boscono, Suvi Koponen, Riley Montana, Karmen Pedaru, Anna Ewers, Daan Van Der Deen and Steve Milatos.


Ryan Phillippe Bares His Butt (Once Again) In Directorial Debut 'Catch Hell'


For a reason that is too unacceptable to try to find an excuse for, I missed Ryan Phillippe's directorial debut in Catch Hell. The trailer was released back in July, so let's watch or re-watch it together.

As you can see, Ryan is directing himself in this movie.

"Washed up Hollywood actor Reagon Pearce is kidnapped by thugs on the way to work in Shreveport, Louisiana. Trapped in a swamp hut, his kidnappers torture and blackmail him, hijacking his twitter account and threatening to upload compromising material. How can he escape his predicament?"

This  movie premiered in the US on October 10 (limited release) so if you live in Los Angeles you will need to go to the Arena Cinema located on Las Palmas Ave. in Hollywood. When I say you 'will need' I mean it ...

Here's why:

Ryan (the director) kindly asked, Ryan (the actor) to bare his butt - who kindle accepted - for one scene. So basically Ryan made himself stripped butt naked and that is why I believe he would not have any objections for us to highlighting this particular scene.

Even tho Ryan's famous butt scene in Cruel Intentions was a bit more romantic plot-wise, we can all agree that 15 years later, Ryan kept this asset to its best. If you do not remember the Cruel Intention steaming scene you can click here or on the picture below to refresh that delicate memory of yours.

Phillippe05 copy

In Catch Fire we are far from the luxurious spa Ryan liked to relax. We end up in a cabin, in the middle of a swamp. That being said let's remove us from the dramatic and traumatic story and let's just enjoy Ryan - the performance - as an actor as we would do in an award ceremony ;-) See the photos in the second part of the post.


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The Stuart Reardon 2015 Photo Collection By Paul Reitz

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 12.55.38 PM

The Stuart Reardon 2015 Photo Collection and Wall Calendar is now available for pre-sale on www.StuReardonCalendar.com. Shot by famed photographer Paul Reitz, this 2015 collection of 13” x 15” images captures Stu in an incredible array of modeling diversity. Presented this year in classic, crisp and timeless black and white format, each image is a true work of art purposefully created to be framed and displayed anywhere you wish.

+ Exclusive Interview: Stuart Reardon (The Face of Axiom For Men)

+ OhLaLa Presents Stuart Reardon By Paul Reitz

The Stuart Reardon x Paul Reitz collaboration is always a sucess ...




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