Cristiano Ronaldo Too Large For His CR7 Underwear? The Urban-Celebrity-Underwear-Legend Says So + Japanese Treat


According to the usual urban-celebrity-underwear-legend ... the 'model' (aka Cristiano's penis) was too big and impressive for the world to handle, so it has been photoshopped!

Here are some not exclusive and totally fake-homemade (emojis included #YouAreWelcome) before and after of Cristinao's new CR7 campaign shots:


It's always the same crap, we had this talk with David Beckham before and now Cristiano Ronaldo. It is mostly used as a 'marketing strategy' to make people talk, and they do, I am not saying they are not 'large' or 'extra-large' but the main reason is that a lot of markets (mostly the US) are allergic to penis' outlines in underwears. Look at any men's underwear campaign (except some cheap gay labels) and you will notice the same Ken Doll's like bulge. It has nothing to do with the size but rather to a sad cultural standard.

What really disturb me in those photos are his eyebrows.


Enjoy the video:






In life, its alwways a good thing to have a back up plan.

I rarely worry for iconic soccer players in general because they earned enough money to live 2 or 3 comfortable lifetimes but you know just in case times get ruff and they need extra cash for a 4th and 5th lifetime, they are always ready fo some new endrosments (preferably abroad and in Asia if possible) since everything in life is possible here is Christiano Ronaldo introducing an interesting facial fitness tool that you would not even dare dream of being a reality. Thankfully Cristiano's agents and managers had the smart idea to have him hold the tool in his hand while smiling rather than gag on it, one more time, enjoy:

I was hoping (not really) that this ad was some sort of joke for a Portuguese SNL or something ... but this live panel that took place in Japan last month looks painfully real.

We can make fun all we want but Cristiano is shaking his head up and down all the way to the bank ;P

OhLaLa Presents Kolbe & Andrew By Sinem Yazici


For her very first feature on OhLaLa, NYC based photographer Sinem Yazici from Turkey is sharing with us an editorial with Kolbe (DNA Models) and Andrew (Adam Models). Styling by Jorge Gallegos, Hair Terrance Brown, grooming Nicole Cerro, Ph. Asst. Chris Carroll.


More images after the jump.


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OhLaLa The Men Of Dolce & Gabbana


They are always the sexiest - along with Dsquared2 - the men of Dolce & Gabbana, a fairy tale moments stolen while shooting the Dolce & Gabbana fall winter 2014 2015 campaign. Watch:



Simon Nessman Is Having a - Ménage à trois - Country Tale For Sisley


Model Simon Nessman is one busy country boy for Sisley ... check out more images from this fall winter 2014 campaign here.


Los Angeles #SurfAndTurf


As Woody Allen once said, Los Angeles only cultural advantage may be that you can turn right on a red light (even tho for the reccord I got a ticket at THE red light where you cannot make a right turn in WeHo) this city has something unlike any other city on the planet.

Once you get rid of all the people around you whose only goals are to become famous for nothing ... it gets better. Things are not as bad as Lady Gaga thinks 'I don't like Los Angeles, the people are awful and terribly shallow' personally, I have seen those everywhere. It's just the world we live in. Of course the LA factor makes some people a little extra awful and shallow than other places but that is just the delusion kicking.

Los Angeles is what you make of it. It's a very creative city but just like everything in life it needs a balance so you have a concentration of gossip-related-businesses whose only purpose is to feed on other people's lives. The Greater Los Angeles is home of over 18 million people and since we do not live in trees and playboy-mansion-like-grottos (except for Hugh Hefner) it's a urban monster but to balance the city, mother nature had a plan, to contain us between the Ocean and the mountains.


This weekend, we drove to the beach for lunch, we relaxed, looked at the surfers, the water was crystal clear and since it is shark's season (not only on Discovery channel) fishing was banned, allowing the waters around the pier of Manhattan Beach to be packed with fishes.


After enjoying the beach we drove back home, because as much as I love the beach, I feel much comfortable swimming in this 'sea-life-controlled-mini-ocean' thing called swiming pool :-)

Just before arriving home we had the pleasure to be welcome by a deer family lunching in the Hollywood Hills. We never saw them that close and unfortunalty I think the drought is making wild animals searching for food in areas where it is not safe for them ...


We did had a few showers over the weekend but far from being sufficient to end this drought. Just enough to stage once again one of the most amazing sunsets ever.

Here is a picture we took from our home. You can see more images on our instgrams accounts @alekandsteph and @bellomag.


OhLaLa Chosen Models Fankie & Vince By Cristian Rios


the two gorgeous models on the right are Fankie and Vince, both represented by Chosen Models, I do not know who is the model on the left but I love this black and white series by Cristian Rios.




The 3rd model name is Nic and you can #follow those 3 gentlemen on instagram.


Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 8.51.13 PM


Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 8.47.53 PM


Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 8.47.06 PM



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