OhLaLa ... Vive Les Mariés!


So we must share a little secret with you, well it's not really a secret anymore but yesterday Alek and I got married.

Yesterday was also the date Alek and I met in Paris, 15 years ago to be precise. Even though we did not talk about it, we kinda felt like it was maybe time to get married. Not that it would change much for us, but if you think of it, it does!

We live in a world of constant changes and one of the big positive change of our generation is being able to see love equality for all, blooming all over the planet.

I am lucky to live a life where I never felt like being gay was an issue, but one thing I know in life is to never take anything for granted. It is a revolution of love and acceptance that we all battle in different ways.

I think that what just happened to us reflects who we are. I never saw myself planning a wedding day for months and then have all the fun done and gone in one instant. I think I wanted to have it done in an instant and then have the fun last for as long as we want.

There are no rules in life and the only one I follow is to do things without regrets.

So wednesday we drove to the Beverly Hills court house to get our wedding license. The girl who had us signed the papers told us that the next available ceremony would be April 11. But when we told her that friday (yesterday) was our 15-year-anniversary she wrote on our licence:

'Ceremony Friday 28, 2014 - 9 am - walk-in.'


And that was it. Yesterday morning we walked in with our friend Leslie as our witness to have a very moving speach delivered by our minister. We held hands looking at eachother while saying 'I do' and minutes later we were husband and husband ... voila, just like that.

It was a bit surreal to be honest, waiting at the Beverly Hills court house with other couples, young ones, old ones, gay, straight, latinos, asians, black, in that moment who we were was not important. You could see smiles, nervousity, love, laughs, tears ... this is when it got to me and filled me with joy.


After the ceremony we went to have brunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel and send this picture to our friends and families ...


Let me tell you that the reactions were so cool. It was like giving a gift of fun and joy to people.

Very often on your wedding day you are tired of all the planning, exhausted by weeks of stress (I know I would have beeen) and then you want to spend time with all the people you love but just like that the day is over. I like to do things my way (always did from as long as I can remember and that is something that will never change I guess ...) so my plan (if I had one) was to just do it and then see one by one the people we love and celebrate with them, Coffee, lunch, dinner, it does not matter from now on we can celebrate for the rest of our lives if we want to. We will be flying to Europe soon to be with our families and friends to create some fun memories all together.

The rest of our day was just for the two of us. We drove to the beach for the sunset (it does sound cheesy but that is something we do very often lol) after that we stopped at a japanse bbq restaurant had a great time together and looking at eachtoher trying to realize what just happened. It was a beautiful day and we loved all the messages. THANK YOU




Yesterday was also the day we realized that one of the song we love FALLINLOVE2NITE by prince feat Zooey Deschanel was out so we downloaded it and it kinda became the theme song of our special day ;-)

This song is so full of happiness love and joy, we just love it.

OhLaLa So Royal! Air France New Campaign 'France Is In The Air'


Here is a our first look via Bello Mag at the new Air France campaign: 'France Is In The Air' shot by Sofia & Maur.

I mean isn't this the most fabulous airline campaign ever!!!? It's so chic and so French, it does not get better than a Marie Antoinette like passenger enjoying macarons in a Versailles inspired cabin. I wish the AF first class cabin was more like on this picture tho.


This new campaign also feature images depicting iconic destinations served by AF. J'adore!!!!!

image from http://aviary.blob.core.windows.net/k-mr6i2hifk4wxt1dp-14032722/0f4caa8a-cba7-4aab-8b7e-6c788213abfe.png

OhLaLa 'Acqua di Parma' / Lucas Garcez by Max Liebenstein + Video


Let's go to Capetown and enjoy this beach photoshoot with model Lucas Garcez by Max Liebenstein. They also did a video to recreate a fragrance campaign and the result is perfect:






Captain America Chris Evans Unmasked For Variety


Chris Evans was photographed unmasked by Danielle Levitt in Los Angeles for Variety. I love Chris Evans - as we all do - and those photos are just great.





image from http://aviary.blob.core.windows.net/k-mr6i2hifk4wxt1dp-14032717/31b78815-7fb1-4433-8dd5-2a06fb6be59e.png

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Young Hollywood By Hedi Slimane


You may or may not know those faces who tomorrow may or may not be the A listers of Hollywood but one thing is for sure they all look good in black and white - who des not look? especially when you are 20 something - Callan McAuliffe, Colin Ford, Timothee Chalamet, Jack Kilmer, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Nick Robinson and Liam James all photographed by Hedi Slimane.



More images of young hollywood actors after the jump.


Continue reading "Young Hollywood By Hedi Slimane" »



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