Bangkok / OhLaLa Presents Muay Thai Boxers By Iconic19


Troy, aka Iconic 19 is sharing with us a series he recently shot (some featured on his website, some exclusive)! Some amazing portraits of Muay Thai boxers who are curently competing in Bangkok Thailand.

"Each year, hundreds of young men from around the world travel to Thailand to learn the art of Thai boxing, or มวยไทย (Muay Thai) as it is known in the Thai language.  The overwhelming majority stay for a week or two, often joining organised boxing tours – and for these young men, learning Muay Thai is a fun diversion and a wonderful opportunity of getting fit while enjoying time away from home.  There are others, however, who despite the grueling physical and mental challenges faced by serious practitioners of Muay Thai, choose to remain in Thailand for longer periods, often years, in the hope of making a living from this ancient sport.

It is this second group of fighters that are the focus of my portrait work.  My hope is to uncover the beauty to be found in juxtaposing the strength, masculine bravado and physical presence of the fighters with the emotions that they often hide from view - loneliness, fear, uncertainty, sadness and, sometimes, despair.

I would like take this opportunity to thank my portrait subjects for their dedication to the art of Muay Thai and for allowing me to take their portraits."






More images after the jump.


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Just Because! 'All Blacks' Haka Dance - Shirtless + Wet Version


So apparently there was a rugby tournament in Hong Kong and lately it's been raining a lot over there. But that did not affect the traditional Haka dance performed by the All Black. usually the dance is performed before a match but this time they took off their shirts and performed the traditional war dance in celebration of their victory in the pouring rain.

Watch the 'under the rain' post game version of the Haka:

Behind the scenes at the All Blacks Jockey shoot


"Check out what went on behind the scenes when the All Blacks and All Blacks Sevens got together for their photo shoot for the new All Blacks Sponsor - Jockey."


Blake Skjellerup Covers Instinct Magazine


New Zealand speed skater Blake Skjellerup covers the new issue of Instinct magazine. This issue will be availeble worldwide on iTunes Newsstand later this week, you can download the magazine here.

Unfortualtely, Blake Skjellerup will not compete in next month's games in Sochi, Russia. Earlier this month Blake finished 33rd in the competition to qualify for the 500-meter short track speed skating. He was one spot away from automatic qualification.

“I was very excited to be representing not only my country – but a greater community, and one who, for a large period of history, has been discriminated against on so many levels.”

"I came very, very close. But it was not meant to be. I'm not disappointed in the outcome at all. I tried, and I'm not embarrassed or ashamed in any way. I'm  proud of what I achieved, and it's been a rough ride since Vancouver, but I stuck through it, and I feel like I came out better on the other side." Watch the video Blake posted on Youtube.

Blake Skjellerup was photographed in Los Angeles by Aleksandar Tomovic. Styling Warren Alfie Baker.


Thomas Hitzlsperger Is The First Premier League Soccer Player To Come Out As Gay


So, that proves that I know nothing about soccer ... I thought that someone else already come out as the first soccer player, but today we learn that Thomas Hitzlsperger is the first - premier league - player to come out as gay. The 31-year-old, who ended his playing career in September due to persistent injuries, told Germany's Die Zeit newspaper that now was 'a good time' for him to reveal his sexuality.

'I'm coming out about my homosexuality because I want to move the discussion about homosexuality among professional sportspeople forwards'.

I am all for people to come out if theyr feel like doing it. So I can only applaud the charming Thomas Hitzlsperger for doing so.


OhLaLa French Rugby Player Maxime Mermoz Wardrobe 'Malfunction'


You all know how much I LOVE to keep you informed about French rugby - and rugby players in particular - so today we are going to focus our attention on le beau Maxime Mermoz currently playing for Toulon.

I am not sure why but during a game last week, one player who wanted to stop him from being the awesome player that he is ... pulled his short - and underwear - down ...


I mean, that's how you play rugby people, well at least that's how I did play rugby when I was younger living in France and Rugby was kinda mandatory lol.

We have all the action - frame by frame - after the jump just for you.


Does this pulled down action happened because Maxime is also an underwear model for DIM Soft Touch line and someone from the other team wanted to check if he was really wearing DIM underwear and if the touch was as soft as advertised!? You can Click here to see all the photos along with a video.

I mean it's not like we never saw Maxime naked before - like many times - after all he is French and a Rugby player which pretty much guarantee that he will get naked at some point of his life, for the good cause that is aka Dieux Du Stade.

If you want to see the full shot - below - it's after the jump, as always you don't have to do it, it's only if you really want to ;-P


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