Photo of Ross Cook by Serge Lee Featured in OHLALA Volume XI

Here are the guidelines for OHLALAmag (magazine) submissions.
To avoid confusion DO NOT send to OHLALA any editorials that has been sent to other publications at the same time (inculding magazines, webzines and blogs). Some publications will run the editorial as an “online exclusive” without getting back to the photographer.

We do accept photos previously published on photographer’s or model’s social media and the photographer is free to send his work to other publications a month after the issue featuring his work has been released.


Vertical images a minimum of 2500pix width – 3300pix height
Horizontal images a minimum of 5000pix width – 3300pix height ONLY : JPG (files) – no compression

Transfer through ONLY !


+ Photographer, Model/Agency
+ SOCIAL MEDIA Handles should be provided (priority to instagram)

Rights: Photographer keeps the full rights to the photos. By submitting to OHLALAmag photographer is confirming that he has full rights to the images, assigned rights from the talent (in images) as well as any other right, and keeps the full responsibility. has been dedicated to beauty and artists from all over the world since 2003.



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